Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mobile Monday Weekend Wrap Up!


My plans this weekend to mountain bike were delayed thanks to rain. I walked out of work Friday and got in the car to head to the trail and before I made it to the 2nd stop light it was pouring and I...was pouting.

So I headed home to get ready for my awesome Friday night of glasses with Trish! (I broke lent hard too. Not only did I eat meat on Friday but I drank wine....lots of it and I think I semi-drunk texted Chance and he yelled at me and called me by my middle name which he does when he is yelling at me...just like a good dad or best friend.)

So...the glasses.

First I free handed my T's.

After a couple coats of red it was time to flip them and paint the baseballs...which you have to do backwards. Once the lines are painted and dried then you just paint the white and when it is all done....

Aren't they pretty?

I love my bike coffee cup!

I have no idea why I took this but you know...this is reality. Blah! No wonder I am single. Haha!

My mom and I had a text discussion because I am still not talking to her and it was basically an "enjoy the new house. I am not traveling to Rockwall" exchange. Okay, I had planned to go out there Sunday to ride Squabble but that was cancelled thanks to...rain!

My day got better when I got this email!

The rain kept me from hitting a trail with Khrystal ;( but not from my bike. I just couldn't take it anymore and finally I gave up and hit the concrete and you know what? It was glorious!!!

I was really happy to spend some time with the Dominican team Saturday where I got to see some of my favorite Ranger players!

I watched that crazy Mexico-Canada game too! Wow, Mexico, really?

I was cleaning Saturday and I found some Rangers promotional items I had picked up for someone last year and never had a chance to give to him. Nothing too exciting... A 40th anniversary program and a all-time Rangers poster. That made me a little sad for many reasons. Ah, well...moving on, I guess.

I am going to be honest, I had some stuff I needed to deal with and some decisions I need to make so Saturday night I wanted quiet and baseball so I stayed home and pondered my life changes and watched the USA play in the World Baseball Classic. It's like the Olympics and happens once every 4 years. You know the Olympics, right? Where baseball and softball are NOT played!

I really couldn't wait to spring forward! This is so important for my ability to ride safely. I can't wait to hit the trails after work again!

Oh, and I had to bake my wine glasses? Yes, you bake them for 45 minutes but you have to wait 24 hours to do it. I was nervous but they turned out perfect! My friends should be prepared to get Texas Rangers wine glasses as gifts in the future. I already have ideas for other designs!

I really missed Twitter Saturday! I wanted to chant with them watching USA! USA! baseball. I wanted to talk about plays and do what I do. I didn't. I watched Team USA and quietly or not so quietly screamed when David Wright hit the grand slam to break the tie! God, I love baseball!

Confession: y'all know by now I went to the University of Texas. Well I have this really involuntary habit of doing this when I am watching other teams that I care about do something awesome:

Team USA or Notre Dame. I just throw the Hook 'em! (Chance: I know you are making gagging noises. Stop it you annoying Aggie! This is your fault for having such great taste in friends and rotten taste in schools!)

I love snuggling with my girls on the weekend! Ries never let's me get photos of her but Sunday she just stood there posing!

I found Sadie snuggling in the sports room after my shower. She always kicks the other "animals" out of her bed. Poor Ranger Bear!

So have you all heard of

Seriously go onto it and search your @TwitterID or your name. So funny! This is not a clean language site but I don't think I have ever seemed cooler!

I am thinking of changing my profiles to this version...cause I'm a skanky, gangsta!

Thanks to Rachel for texting me to try this!

This...makes me sad!

More baseball & concrete riding Sunday! Here I am ready to cheer Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland & Team USA!

So good to see this smile!!!

This guy is going to have a rebound season for Texas! I believe!

This is just awesome sauce! Under 3 weeks on Monday (20-Days---this is Sunday's photo)

Okay a few bike funnies...these made me true!

When I went out to go shopping Sunday morning I found this on my door! I LOVE my new tumbler & can't wait to ride the woods! (Concrete riding is not as challenging)

She is biking on ice in a skirt and heels....I just can't even! Haha!!

Well....what can I say except maybe now you know why bike guys are so happy and nice! :-)

Don't say it! Haha!

This is so me!!

I sure hope so because mine needs some serious winter lazy work!!!

I'm posting this early because...well I want to so Happy Sunday/Monday!!

Kisses & Hugs!


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