Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Randoms: Baseball, Life, Love & Easter!

Thursday night I decided I was going to give up all social media for 24 hours on Good Friday and to be honest, except for working on my new blog header on Blogger (I love it!) and creating a Facebook page for Simply Me the way I see it, I managed to stay off everything else. I know, I am shocked too! No Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Instagram, Timehop, LinkedIn, not even Meet-Up. I really felt left out! I was forced to keep everything to myself or text my friends. Apparently I was texting Chance stuff he saw on Twitter 2-3 days ago. I am so lost! Crazy!

The great part about Friday is that I survived one pretty awful week. I was under the weather and under a lot of pressure. There is irony in the last thing I handled Friday afternoon. I had a situation involving a bike rider who's name is the same as someone I kind of had a personal relationship with in the past and who is a bike rider. The name is not really common so that was odd enough but in a week of near misses on costly blunders this one could have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, I got it handled in under 40 minutes and put that baby to bed as I was running out the door.

We are officially 1 day from Easter and Opening Day! It is a double holiday! Jesus and Major League Baseball return on the same day and this makes me, simply happy!

Add to that a very real possibility this weekend will include a lot of time on my favorite bike and it is looking golden! (Obviously I wrote this before the flood last night! Boo to no trails east of Ft.Worth!) Plus I start my 30 Day Bike Challenge on Monday. Rain or shine!

By the way, I spoke with my uncle Thursday night and he is doing very well. He is finally home and while he will be off work for a time with that head injury he is upbeat! I thank every one of my friends and all of the perfect strangers who prayed for him.

I absolutely believe this is true for me and everyone who has ever felt they lost something or someone they really thought they wanted. Someone who just seemed to get you. Someone told me recently your soulmate isn't the one perfect person for you it is the one person you end up with who turns into the perfect person for you. I love this because for a long time I thought maybe my soulmate was killed in a tragic piano accident or maybe he screwed up and let me get away. Turns out I was wrong. My soulmate is not someone who I lost. My soulmate is someone who will never get lost, never go away, never abandon me. God has a plan and at some point I just decided to give in to His plan, be happy, and trust God. If He wants me to be with a guy trapped under a piano he will raise him. If He wants me to be with someone who tossed me aside, He will toss me right back. If He wants me to be with someone else, He will let me run into someone else on a bike at Northshore, Horseshoe, Erwin, RCP, LBH or River Legacy. Something like that.
Be happy people! Life is a joyous adventure and a gift! Live the present and as always

I am! Lent is over and my antibiotics are done! I get to drink and tweet again (lookout!!) plus watch baseball ride my bike and love! Life is amazing!
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homostrugglingwithlife said...

Laura, I just gotta say you are awesome, and while we may have never met yet, we have both came so so so far from when we first started talking. I do miss our random hours long phone chats, but we are still here and doing great! Chris and I just got done moving today and tomorrow starts the unpacking.

Have a great weekend and Easter!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Ah my sweet friend! I adore you and I can not tell you how happy and proud I am of you and Chris! I miss talking to you too! Happy Birthday!

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