Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Ten: What I know about the L-word

Before I start this I have to tell you that there are really only two things in my head lately, well, two things that I care to share with the entire world (or whoever all you lovely people are that read my blog!).  One is mountain biking which I have been loving  a LOT the last 6 days.  I already decided part of what I am going to do to celebrate my one-year bikeversary in August.  It works out perfectly because the Bikeversary is 3 days before my birthday so I am getting one present for both....to me, from me.  It will be awesome and I will share it when the time comes.    The other thing is that in 12 days my beloved Texas Rangers play real baseball and in 16 days I will be at the Ballpark again for game one of what will probably be about 30-35 home games I see this year and I can not WAIT!

But I blogged about biking yesterday and I don't have anything exciting to impart Texas Ranger wise so doing a 3rd Texas Ranger Tuesday will have to wait at least another week.  That means I am doing a Tuesday 10 and this one is What I know about Love and Relationships.   Oh, this shouldn't take long and expect many cliches!   Okay here we go:

10. You can love two people at once but you can't have both of them. 
A choice has to be made and you are going to hurt someone.  Do it quickly and be honest because dragging it out only makes it more painful later.

9. If a man says he doesn't know what he wants....believe him and RUN! 
Run for your own good because you are going to end up hurt in the end.  If he figures out that he wants you in time, you can always make room for him later but he has to figure out you are the right, amazing, perfect woman.  If he figures it out and it is too late, it is his loss.

8. You may love someone before you meet them.  
I know this sounds a little crazy but sometimes people work their way into your heart through email, text, and social media and you actually can really care and yes I will go so far as to say possibly love them before you meet them. 

7. Never work harder than the other person. 
Relationships are a partnership and if one person is pulling the load and the other person is reaping the benefits in the end, someone is going to be crushed.  This is probably the biggest mistake I make because frankly, I like spoiling my guy.  I am a caregiver by nature and I think of others first.  It is hard to put my needs infront of his but at some point I realized that I matter and I have to take care of me first.

6. If it is meant to be, someday it will be.
Yes it is a cliche but I warned you there would be some.  Some cliches are truth.  This is the truth.  It may not work out today or two years from today but if two people are meant to be together nothing will keep them apart.  It may take ten years and a bunch of other relationships but they will find a way back together.  That doesn't mean you live for someday.  You live with the reality of today and make the mistakes in between even if that means a divorce or two or whatever before you make your way back together.

5. Sometimes the right one is the wrong one.
This is such a hard truth.  You can feel with every fiber of your body that you are suppose to be with a specific person but that doesn't mean you are right for each other. Everything may look right and feel right but it takes more.  Falling in love is about timing and the place each person is at a given moment.  I have always know that if you meet the right one at the wrong time they become the wrong one.  This happened to me recently and it is a really hard thing to accept but I have accepted it and moved on.  Unfortunatly, it is painful and not something you can see until you are away from it.

4. What happens when you are together is only half of the relationship.
"When we are together we are great but when we are apart he seems to have second thoughts about us."   That's because when you are apart he is doing his own thing and you are the furthest thing from his mind.  I know we have talked about this before but men are different from women and well, let's be honest, they are annoying. 

3. Love isn't easy but if it is worth it, it is worth fighting for.
Even the broken heart is worth it.  Loving someone is the greatest gift you can give them because you give them your heart.  They may not want it, but if they don't someone else will.  You are an incredible person and there are more people out there that will see that so fight for love just don't fight alone.

2. You never get a second chance to say you're sorry.
We all have regrets and this is just a terribly hard one to live with.  Sometimes you make mistakes.  Sometimes the other person makes mistakes.  Figure out a way to say you are sorry and forgive each other because if the relationship ends because of something silly, you are going to regret not saying you were sorry. (If you aren't sorry that is another story.)

1. Love yourself first.
This is something I am still learning how to do but the truth is, you have to love yourself in order for other people to love you the way you deserve to be loved.  Start with liking yourself and you can progress to loving yourself but the key to this is to replace all negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Tell yourself you are awesome and believe it then do what makes you awesome. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! The best thing about Tuesday is that it isn't Monday!!

Enjoy the Ride!

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Katie said...

Definitely agree about #9. If he says he doesn't know what he wants, he probably means that he doesn't want you but doesn't want to say that. Girls always think they *really know* what guys secretly want. But guys aren't that complicated. If he wants you, he'll let you know and not leave you guessing. Period.

And #7 I agree with early on in relationships. You're still feeling each other out, and you don't want to give too much too soon. But in marriage (and in dating relationships once they're serious, I would say too), you can't say you'll never give more than the other. There will be times you give more, times he gives more. It's never going to be equal, and if he's always giving more, then it won't work. And if neither of you are giving 100%, then it DEFINITELY won't work. It's a give and take and isn't always easy.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

You're right Katie. I just meant it can't always be one person giving and one taking. I am always going to be that woman that spoils her guy but once in a while I want to be spoiled a little too. You guys have that. You spoil each other and I know it is work, always.

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