Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OHP and WILW: Think Baseball and Biking Peeps!

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I got my new T-shirts and I LOVE them! The blue and white one was sent in the wrong size--it's a little snug in the chest but I just decided that means I am going to be in that size by summers end!
The lavender one is 2 sizes bigger. I wanted roomy but it is actually a little large. That's ok! I love my shirts and I love my bike!

**This text that a friend sent me! It made me laugh!

**this vase that I painted. I love how it turned out. It's going in my office when it is dry.

**My friends R & C because they make me laugh even when I am having a bad day. Even when I am a witch. Even when I am mad at my mom. God truly blessed me for putting them in my life.

My Rangers tickets came!

**My workout Tuesday night. I have been so stressed for the last...ever and I needed a release. 40 minutes of kick boxing helped a lot! Hopefully tomorrow there will be a bike trail open. I have a bike ride & picnic on Saturday and two rides Sunday so it's just a matter of time!

**The World Baseball Classic because I get to see real baseball and I get to see a lot of my favorite players. USA! USA! 'merica!

Ok let's see what's on Pinterest:



Source: Sports Illustrated

These pink fashions from Victoria Secret.


Happy Hump Day people! Find the silver lining!

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