Saturday, March 23, 2013

What would I have Tweeted? Blog Update

I may not keep my alcohol free Lent but I have done pretty well on not tweeting. Ok, yes I checked my timeline about once a day. Yes, I did tweet my blogs through Blogger. Yes, I did tweet links from my Timehop and a few other apps that have Twitter access. No, my friend, I didn't tweet more than everyone who didn't give up Twitter for lent. (Yes, I saw your comment smarty pants!) So, has my Twitterless lent been successful? Kind of. Yes, it is back on my phone.

I know you are out there laughing at me! I even know who some of you are. Oh shush! It's my Lent and I make the rules. Here is the thing, I gave up Twitter because I needed time to figure things out and guess what? It worked. I am super happy, everything is awesome, and nobody can rain on my cray parade!

So I was thinking, "What would I have tweeted the last five weeks if I had been on Twitter?" Well, I know the suspense is killing you so here goes:

*Oh my GOD Rangers...what are you doing? Nolan!! No!!!!!

*Josh Hamilton nobody cares. Really just please shut up.

*Please stop raining! I want to ride!

*Y'all I am at a club and some woman is showing off her baby's pictures. At a club!

*OMG now baby mama's friend is crying at the club looking at the baby pictures!

*I'm in hell!

*I'm taking a wine glass painting class tonight with Trish!! So excited! Baseball glasses!!!

* I love my bike! This is the most fun anyone can have ever! At least fully dressed! ;-) :-0

*Nolan and JD please kiss and make up so we can beat the crap out of the Angels!

*My gosh why can't you people stop being fish?

*I don't know why anyone even bothers to unmask Twitter Catfish. It's just twitter y'all! Relax!

*I don't know how but I know Jerry Jones and Tony Romo are responsible for the JD-Nolan break-up.

*When did Kindergarten become Twitter?

*We need rules that on days when it is going to be nice, I have work off to ride!!!

*Yes! Let's spring forward & never fall back again. #MyBikeIsBACK

*Oh, just shut UP Josh Hamilton

*I see Holland and his woman broke up again on Twitter. Really? Grown Ups keep it private!

*Really Josh, we boo'd you because you quit so stop crying.

*Silver Linings Playbook: What Cowboy fan in their right MIND would ever bet on them in December?


*I like what I see from Derek Holland! Hopefully he is focused on baseball now!

*I love baseball!

*Happy Dance I got my Rangers tickets! Opening Day here I come again!

*I have the most awesome friends! No really! Y'all should be jelly!

*Lucky Girl!! I'm a lucky girl!!!

*How the heck do you buy a house and not tell your daughter?really???

*Oh look everyone, Josh Hamilton is crying about being boo'd again!

*Are the Mavs still playing?

*If football players are worried about getting hurt they should play BASEBALL!

*OMG Benedict you are leaving us? #SadCatholicFace

*I got new bling

*Are the Stars still playing?

*Rangers countdown! Opening day in______Days!!

*It's beautiful outside #GoGetYaSome!

*Y'all I got mad skills!

*That moment when you get to your door & see a package from MLB.Com & don't know what's in it! #Facepalm

*The new pope is funny! #iStillMissBenedict

*Is it wrong that I think of the popes in music? #BennyAndTheJets vs #FrankieSayRelax

*I wish these trees would stop pulling out in front of me. #Ouch

*It's baseball season!

*OMG it's cold!!! Who ordered this cold weather?

*I totally love Downton Abbey

*I can't wait until I read Baseball tweets and NO Duck Dynasty tweets! #IJS

*Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle.

*I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like.

*Please shut up Josh Hamilton. I am so sick of hearing you whine about fans booing you. You QUIT on this team. You QUIT on these fans!

*snakes! DORBA is talking snakes. Please don't tell me to bunny hop them! #HateSnakes

*The Rangers walk off last night made me smile when I woke up from my drug induced haze. Beating the Angels rocks.

*Anytime I have to ride through a creek I worry about snakes....please stop!

*OMG this hot guy bracketology is Tough!! Jeez! I really SHOULD drink! Chance is up against Mark Harmon #WhatsAgirlToDo?

*I like talking about the Rangers winning the World Series like it is a fact and not a crazy dream like it used to be..when not if!

*Nothing on earth feels better than the wind in your face and dirt under your tires! #MTB

*No drunk tweets y'all! Sorry but I gave up drunk for Lent. #iSuckAtThatToo

*Note to self, never give up alcohol for lent. #NextYearGiveUpLent

*Odd compliment of the day: you'd make a really good drug addict. What??

*Riding cures stress and depression! I have both. Had....#Winning

That about covers it, I think.
Do you miss me yet? Have you even noticed I was gone? Tweet at ya later Tweethearts!

Enjoy the ride!

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