Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OHP and WILW Blog: Lot's of Love TODAY!!!

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What I am LOVING:

-I love my blog!
It is like a little bit of therapy every single day. Some time to just reflect on what's right and what's in need of fixing. Sometimes I struggle with what to share and sometimes the really, really personal stuff I don't share because it involves others. All that said, this blog has helped me get through some very difficult heartaches.

-Everyone who stops by and reads my blog. I am really amazed at the span of readers. There are stats that sometimes I will just look at amazed during my lunch. 85% of my readers are from the US, which is understandable. I have a significant number of people reading in Alaska. Hi, Alaska!! The most interesting thing to me is that 5% of the rest of the people who stop by are in Russia. Hi, Russia!! Secretly I wonder, are you all really Texas Ranger & Dallas Cowboy fans? Whatever it is I am thankful for everyone who finds my little blog readable.

My look today! Sometime I feel cute. Today I do!

                                       The T says "THIS IS WHAT AWESOME LOOKS LIKE"

-My friends:

I tell you all at least once a week how amazing my buddy Chance is so I won't bore you with that again...although he surely think that is the best part of every blog.

So I am going to tell you instead about Chance's best not me, his other best friend. He is an amazing little boy who loves Elvis Andrus, Harry Potter, Ninja Turtles, and the Texas Rangers and he always makes Chance smile. Nothing and nobody is more important to Chance oh, and he is a superhero! Also, he is his father's son and listening to his daddy talk about his son is a joy. He literally Lights UP! They are both so handsome!  (They are also both single....but you have to pass the best friend test and in that case I do mean me!)

My friend Rachel who somehow seems to know just what to say or just the pin to send me to make me smile even when she is at her office and I am at mine and we haven't talked all day. I like to think of Rachel as the good side of me. There is bad...that's all on me!  Rachel is also the strongest person I know.  She has been through some really hard times (Read about it here) and she is handling it with the faith and the character of a true angel  a true Texan and Texas Ranger fan! 

My friend Khrystal who not only agrees to be in silly pictures with me but who agrees to go biking with me and to DORBA social events. She may cuss like a sailor but she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and when she loves you, you are blessed!

And my friend Trish who drags me to crazy places and likes to get me in Trouble!  She is incredibly protective of her friends and she has the two most amazing teenage daughters!  They are very cool young ladies and I always enjoy talking to them  Plus, they have an awesome mom and I love her skinny little, high heel wearing butt!!!

I love them all and they have been such an amazing gift in my life! 

-Twitter and the Texas Rangers because without them not one of those amazing people would be in my life. (Shout out to my Tweeples! I miss you...kinda! Well, some of you! Hehe)

Okay enough of the serious how about some silly?

I love being silly. Can you tell?

I had a night of beauty and I gave myself a facial and a pedicure.

Ignore my fugly toes and appreciate the hot pink!

My new ring. I have never been a big pink fan...I actually really hate pink usually but...I love this rose quartz ring. So, you will never find a room in my house painted pink but I may wear a little...light pink...sometimes. Besides this is a love stone so what the heck?

-I love springing forward! It got dark tonight at 6:45. Next week that will be 7:45 and next week I will be riding my bike after work again...daily. I already have it planned. Horseshoe and North Shore...I'm coming for you!


Alright let's see what I PINNED!

-I also choose to take chances and not play it safe. I choose to risk another broken heart because someone out there somewhere is MY Prince Charming. I choose to live for today because tomorrow isn't promised.

                                                I made this mistake. I won't make it again! 

                                                 This is my Ries and she is just like Bailey!

                                                       (Or post them on my blog!)

Happy Hump Day!


*Pins come from Pinerest and are not my property.  All personal photos are the mine.

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