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Blog Hopping; Wild Card/ What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I'm Loving:

He has a way of making me calm when I am worried and I am a worrier! Yesterday I got a message that my uncle was being rushed to the ER in Indianapolis after hitting his head in a fall. There was bleeding on the brain and they weren't sure if there would be brain surgery. Meanwhile, I am in Dallas 900 miles away and I am panicked. The only family I have left in Indiana is my Dad's and if you followed me for a time, y'all know how important my Dad was to me. (My Mom is too, don't get me wrong.)
Thankfully, my cousins sent me a message that the neurologist did not think brain surgery was needed and they were keeping him for observation.

*My Facebook and Twitter families who reached out to pray and comfort me while I was freaking out. I am blessed to have so many awesome friends who have been there for me all year and who are just a little over protective at times. (it is sweet that they offer to beat people up for me, really...but I am fully capable of handling myself.)

*My Mom who was also praying for her brother-in-law. Even though she has remarried, they consider her family and she considers them family.

*#4 (or #3 if you are reading this after 1:05 central time)

The number of days until It's Baseball Time in Texas! I am so ready!

*Hummus Chips

I kind of stumbled upon these and I LOVE them! I am going to look for them and take them to all my games at Rangers Ballpark this summer because they are not high in calories and I love that they are made from Chick-peas!

*Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought this Shampoo and Conditioner looking for something to give my hair strength because, as I am always dieting my hair becomes kind of brittle and breaks. I also have super fine hair.

Seriously, my hair is so shiny! I really love this stuff! It highlights & strengthens the fiery red. Hello! (That's the real color which shows up differently in different light).

*My crockpot

I'm thinking of using my crockpot to actually cook healthier meals. Crazy! I know!!

*My furkids:

My sweet girls who have been by my side for days while I was sick!
*my Twitterless Lent which I did break Tuesday because I needed to ask for prayers for my uncle, is almost over. Now I can drive everyone crazy and not just Chance, Khrystal and Rachel who have been good sports about keeping me entertained without Twitter.

*These shoes:

Ok, I would never wear these Christian Louboutin's but I know just the girl who would and when I sent them to her via text I could hear her squeal! They aren't me, but they are awesome!

*George Clooney/Jesus/God?

This photo off Facebook. Did you know that George Clooney was the spitting image of Jesus? I had no clue. Good job putting one over on me! You don't suppose George Clooney actually, nah....?

*The 30 day bike challenge I start on April 1! I am a lot nervous but all I have to do is ride daily. (I have never done more than 4 days straight). I can iron out time to ride even if the weather is bad on pavement. I am committed to this and I am super excited! I really want to get super fit. I have a goal that I hope to reach by next winter to compete. Yes it is crazy but so am I! If you want to accept the challenge you can sign up here: 30 Days of Biking Challenge
Just click on Pledge and fill out the form.  That's it! Oh, and ride!

*The Voice:
Wow is this season awesome! I always have loved Blake-Adam, Adam-Blake but Usher and Shakira are completely awesome! Love it! So much fun!

*That it has been one year since I wrote this Blog: Boys are Stupid and Girls are Crazy
This is one of my most visited and one of my personal favorite blogs.

*Bloglovin': You can follow me here: Simply Me the way I see it

What are you loving this week?
Hit me up and let me know!

----Enjoy the ride!

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