Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Wondering: Blog Update

You know you have too much time to yourself when you start to wonder crazy things. My mind is a crazy place to live. I know, I live there! Here are some of my random musings today:

-I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 for the first time today. I can't help but think the little girl who plays Renesmee is already a better actress than Kristen Stewart.

-I texted my friend Rachel about halfway through the end of the movie with "BUT that didn't happen in the book!!!" Panic!

-Why when I have someplace to go do my cloths never finish drying in the dryer?

-How many times do I have to stop caring before the "I really don't give a crap!" sticks? Because today I don't and I would like it to stay that way forever.

-Will every failed relationship brings me that much closer to true love? I know I have never had that. I have cared a lot but true love doesn't fail and whatever I had has failed miserably.

-Why were there two Victoria's in Twilight and how did I miss that?

-Do you Viggle? I just happened on this app yesterday and I am addicted. I get points for watching TV! If I get enough points I get free stuff? For watching TV? Hello Baseball season I'm there!

-Have I ever been as excited to spring forward as I am next weekend? The answer is no! The reason is simple

I have a hot date with a FINE mountain biker as soon as it gets light and warm and I can't wait to get back out there every night! (Night rides alone are just not my thing!)

-My friends and I are already making plans for weekend rides at LB Houston, Harry Moss, and Rowlett Creek. By May I plan on being back at it full time. Can't wait to ride like a cool breeze! I don't ride fast enough to be the wind. (No plans for River Legacy. I will skip that one for a while since I am about to be in Arlington a lot! Northshore however I will be seeing you very soon.)

-How is it that I forget sometimes my life is pretty amazing? Sorry for the last 2 blogs. I have had a few too many shocks to my system and the "move" was just the final straw. I'm done looking back.

-Sometimes inspiration comes from crazy places. How is it that Sarah Palin of all people managed to give me the strength I needed last night? I'm not a republican after all! I'm not sure she isn't a little cray! I was watching a movie about her and she had a line "It's all in God's plan." Now Chance, my sweet friend, has told me this a hundred times but I guess I needed to hear Sarah say it for it to stick!

-How can people really not tell the difference between me posting on Twitter and Instagram, Blogger, and Four Square? I'm much more entertaining than they are!

-Okay, time to go get ready for Saturday night. I hope the dryer is done! Happy weekend. I'm hoping for a mountain bike Monday. Maybe I will run into that cute mountain biker again! :-)

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