Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Okay Thursday: Bikes, Bruises and Wine!

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It's Ok:

----I wrote this under the influence of prescription pain medication. If you can understand this, I did ok.

----I rode Horseshoe for the first time since November and the first thing I did...was fall, hard. (The pain meds...hello?) The very first thing you face on that trail is a uphill rocky odd little obstacle that I have never cleared. I was so shocked that I nearly cleared it and I didn't realize there was a broken, exposed root and that root caught on my foot as I pedaled and pulled me in one direction while my bike fell in the other. Scratched my arm up, bruised my knee and tweaked my back but it was awesome!

----I'm a strange girl. I love my bike and baseball and I think falling is awesome as long as I don't really get hurt.

----I take pictures of myself on the trail smiling like an idiot!

----I sent a Facebook message after the papal election saying "Don't cry for me Argentina."

----That this made me laugh

----I love my church and I love the tradition but I actually got chills today when they announces a non-European, Jesuit priest as the new pope. It's huge!

----I am DVR'ing Charmed. I love that show!

----I painted this while I was watching Charmed tonight:

and I love this bike wine glass!

----This is why I rode Horseshoe. This and it is quieter than the trail across the lake.


----I cam home last night and there was a package on my doorstep.  This happens occassionally however for the 2nd time in a row I could not remember what I had ordered from MLB.Com. I am starting to think I have an issue. Nah, that can't be.

----I totally forgot everything else I wanted to write and the meds are making me foggy.
Happy Thursday!
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