Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Rangers Tuesday: No worries Blog!

The Nolan Ryan talk has slowed down. The local media seems to agree now, Nolan will likely stay. Does this mean we can actually talk about the TEAM?

My friend Rachel had a time hop quote of David Murphy Monday that said: "What would Texas Rangers spring training be without some drama?" Murph said that 2 years ago after Chuck Greenberg's exit and Michael Young's mad round 3 or 4.

Do you know how I know the Rangers have actually made it? We have quarterback controversy. No, this isn't Danny White and Roger or Steve Pelluer and Troy or Tony Romo and... Tony Romo but we have drama. We have evolved from the "will the Rangers finish at .500?" days to the "the Rangers did WHAT?" we have today! No, it isn't just about the loss of Michael Young, Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli. No, it isn't about who will be the Opening Day starter. It will be Yu. No, it isn't about how well Gentry and Martin can fill some rather big and a little crazy shoes. This team has true drama. People are fighting to RUN it! Grown men who brought the first World Series to North Texas and a second the next year, are fighting for power! Nobody fights to run the Cowboys. Jerry had managed to screw that up all by himself. Nobody fights to run the Mavs. Mark has managed to go from an NBA championship two years ago too the cellar today. Yes, those teams are different sports and different situations but simply the fact that people have been fighting for the Texas Rangers since MLB put the club on the auction block in 2010 says it all.

Maybe now things will quiet down and we can focus on the good things we have seen so far. Maybe now we can talk about how positive Derek Holland's start for Team USA was Sunday. How he got himself out of a jam and kept the team in the game until they managed to score and win. Maybe now we can talk about how nice it is to know Yu has a real shot at being exactly what Jon Daniels and his scouts have thought and why he convinced Nolan Ryan to bid on this kid. Maybe now we can talk about why it is important to get Profar at bats even if they come in AAA. Maybe now we can turn our attention to hating Scott Boras for not getting Elvis an extension even though we all knew that wasn't likely. Whatever the next chapter in Rangers baseball brings us, isn't it nice to know that Rangers Nation has a real future? For those of us who lived through the days when the Rangers season ended before the All-Star break. For those of us who have pinched ourselves until we bruised the last three years making sure this wasn't all a dream. For those of us who still hurt at the words "Game Six" (I am really sorry I had to go there my friends) this team has so much positive that even a Nolan Ryan VS Jon Daniels fight couldn't dampen our excitement over the Texas Rangers season that starts up in about 19 days! We are living in a baseball town now and this is Rangers Country!!

"Dallas" Remembers JR:

If you saw JR's exit Monday (tears, so sad!) you may have recognized a few actual Dallas locals namely Jerry Jones who said that JR told Jerry he didn't care what he did in HIS town as long as the Cowboys won and Mark Cuban who said JR hated losing more than Mark does and when the Mavs won the NBA Championship JR sent Mark a note saying 'About time.' This was a nice touch if a little ironic given the amount of SUCK both teams are dealing with right now. JR would NOT be happy with either of these clubs now!

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