Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday FUNday!!!

Oh, my!!! It's finally here! It's Friday! It's Friday and I am leaving early! It's Friday and I am leaving early to meet Khrystal! It's Friday and I am leaving early to meet Khrystal and RIDE my bike!!!

It's a bad picture but I love my "This girl loves to Mountain Bike" T!

Do you think I am a little bit excited about that???

Once my baby girl and I are done getting reacquainted I have to come home, shower and get ready to go see Trish. I am not going to tell you what we are doing because I will show you next week. It. Will. Be. Epic!

Saturday I am going to spend some time riding if the weather is good and probably go hang with my girl Rachel and who knows what?

I also want to mention one thing...about Lent. I really thought when I gave up Twitter the not posting to Twitter was going to be the hard part. (Yes a few thing still post but I am not actively tweeting. Other programs like my blog have Twitter access.) I thought I would miss it a lot. What I found is that I don't miss the random tweets about things making me crazy. Probably because I just email Rachel or text Chance. They will probably be very glad when Lent is over! Chance especially who just ignores me now. Where is the love?

But no! You know what has been hard? Not drinking when I go out! Oh my! Not having a margarita or a glass of wine with friends is really, really hard! Not having a glass of wine on Friday night after a really bad week is excruciating. I don't drink that much. I really don't but when you can't have something it is that much harder to live without! I mean honestly, who doesn't want Chik-fil-a three times as much on Sunday? I could eat tuna every day but make me eat fish on Friday and I want chicken or pizza.

I think that is human nature. We always want what we can't have more. We always want who we can't have more. Or, maybe it is just me who wants what and who she can't have....more.

Happy Friday! I intend to spend the weekend being happy with what and who I can have!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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