Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Snuggles, Mountain Bike Monday, plus Boys are still stupid and Funnies!

I'm posting this early because it's my blog and I can! Yep, I'm a rebel!

Skye and I spent a lot of time together this week and especially this weekend! She is doing great. Laura on the other hand is sore and bruised and beaten and feeling awesome! I have told y'all before...I am an odd woman. Falling is fun as long as nothing serious is broken.

Horseshoe Friday:

Friday I rode Horseshoe again and I could completely tell my endurance needs lots of work! (Next winter I will have a road bike for times when the trail is not an option.) Still, the smile on my face says it all. The man who can make me smile like this (and not cry) will be a keeper! Until then, my bike is enough! Please note I am not too proud to post pictures of a nasty post-bike me.

Saturday I had a great 2 hour ride at Rowlett Creek Preserve and a picnic after with the wheel women group of DORBA.

This was my pre-bike look complete with my awesome T-shirt which says "Put the fun between your legs"

This is me post ride with Khrystal and Julie. Both said to me "you still have your helmet on, don't you want to take it off for the picture?" Haha! No!!! See above photo for why!

This picture is pretty funny & since I am in it, it's not mine. Jennifer Jeter's hubby took this for us.

And the post ride picnic with the awesome Wheel Women of DORBA. It's truly amazing to be a part of this group! First we encourage each other and second we may or may not laugh at men. We love them, don't get me wrong. There is just something very different about the way men and women communicate and it is never more clear to me than when I read the two Facebook pages or go on Rangers fan sites. We talked about this Saturday and the closest I can come to it is this; I love my bike. She is like a friend. I wash her and lube her and take care of her and she takes care of me. For a man, there is something else involved. They like to brag about the type of suspension, gears, and forks and like to compare wheel size. (Bigger is better, boys! We know. We get it!) I just want to ride and that is basically what we talk about on the Wheel Women site. Where we are riding and when and if we have a question we ask and get 11 opinions because that's how women roll. We don't argue or insult each other or talk crudely about the opposite sex. We may laugh at them a little but never on the site. We save that for when we are together. :-)

The ride was so much fun! I tackled Loop 7 which was a first for me on this trail. It's about 4 miles by itself. This loop is challenging with lots of hills and wet creek crossings. Half of it is mental. You have to just tell yourself to go and trust your bike. This dip was probably the most amazing feeling going down but to be honest, going down is easy, it's getting back up that's the hard part. (Mountain biking life lessons)

It is so amazing to see how the hills don't translate on film but trust me when I say this is steep and a lot higher than it looks. I originally planned on walking it but decided walking would be almost impossible because it is so steep so my choice was to fall on my butt walking or ride it. It was an easy choice. I went first and next came Julie. After a few minutes of psyching herself up she owned it like a boss! I have to admit I am proud of the progress we have made. We took on a couple of obstacles the experiences riders have problems with and we handled them. Ok, some we didn't handle. Sometimes you have to be smart.

I may have gotten a few battle wounds. Honestly if I hadn't been talking so much and had been paying better attention I would have seen that tree pull out in front of me! I think I actually may have gone airborne on the fall. I do remember sliding across dirt and leaves and hitting my head. Julie said I hit hard. It seemed hard to me too. Haha! I had a wonderful time and will be going to more events soon plus I am going on a DORBA camping trip this summer for a weekend. Summer camping in Texas should be nice and HOT! I can't wait!

Sunday I wanted to bike but because of my schedule this week I know I won't be able to ride Tuesday and I put somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 miles on my legs in two days so riding Monday is a must and concentrating on strength on Sunday was a better plan. I forgot how much upper body strength it requires to bike. I also remembered very quickly that the Christmas 8 pounds and the depression 7 pounds have to come off plus some. I need to be lean (read healthy) because my goal is in sight so my focus on Sunday was cleaning the house and planning healthy meals for the week.
Oh but there was some of this on my TV this weekend! The luck of the draw! First time out it told me to watch! What else could it mean?

(I love this shirt!)

Boys (and grown men) are still stupid.

Can I have a "what the what?" moment here for the guy who said this:

"Kinda like fat girls. They may be fun to ride but you don't let your friends catch you on one."

That's a real comment by a real man who clearly has real issues. I will admit it made me laugh and shake my head. Not because the comment was funny but because it's so ignorant.

Monday Funnies cause it's Monday (or it will be) and we need to smile:

I'm pretty sure my dogs think this too. My dachshunds like to own the bed if I let them up.

This possibly explains my closet!

Maxine is the best!

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