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Is is okay that I was so sleepy this morning that I wrote an "It's OK" blog and put the What I'm Loving button on top?  Well, I guess it will have to's fixed!!

Ah, Thursday it's about time!! I have been waiting for you...well really I am waiting for Friday because I have a date with a trail and Skye!

Linking up with Neely and Amber again so you can see it's ok! So let's get started!
It's OKAY:

*that I am really excited for daylight savings time to end! I am so ready to be outside and enjoying the weather I can't stand it!

*that half of the enjoying outside will probably be through runny nose and watery eyes.

*that I am still upset with my mother. It isn't about the move anymore, it's about how she hides big things from me to "surprise" me later. You surprise me with a party not a marriage or a move to the other side of DFW!

*I may be the most stubborn woman on earth. No, it is true!  I accept it.

*I am also one of the most LOYAL women on earth.  I don't give up on people even when they have given me every reason to. Even when there is nothing left. I love my friends and they will always be special even the ones that hurt me.  That doesn't mean I won't walk away, I have in the past and  I will again if it becomes too much.  It just means I don't walk away easily. When I am done with you, you will know. You disappear from every part of my life: Facebook, Twitter, my Phone and my heart.  I am loyal but I am not stupid.  I come first and I am not a push over. I love too much to just give up but I will if I have to.

*that I am happily counting down all the days standing between me and Rangers Ballpark!

2012 Opening Weekend  Here is a look at last Opening Weekend if you missed it! There are some awesome photots in this group....some amazing friends!  Love my Ranger Peeps!
*that I already have plans to meet up with several friends opening weekend both old and new and just like last Opening Weekend, it is sure to be monumental!

*that my blog will probably be full of Opening Weekend photos for days just a like last year!

*At lunch today I am going to circle the days I have tickets on my big work schedule so I don't forget those 20 games plus.  Yes, there are already plus games.  I have added the 2nd home game already and there are some Tuesday games I am adding because Tuesday is give-away day this year! (this year I won't be worrying about getting extras for anyone....that will be different!)

*I am so tired of listening to DFW media tell me that Nolan Ryan was treated like crap by ownership and Nolan isn't returning calls to anyone. Leave Nolan alone and let the man think. He is either going to stay or go but harassing him isn't making him stay. He will always be a Texas Ranger! Look at him in the Baseball HOF if you are unsure.

*last night I may have pulled 10 beads out trying to get the BIKE one but I got it!!! Yes!!!

*I post make-up-less me (horrible) photos because my dogs are so stinking cute!

*I have to conduct 5 interviews today and dressed like this:

*Letting go of one dream so you can open yourself up to a different one is a daily struggle with lonely.

*I am so sick of people telling me to get out there that I am joining every social event I can on Dorba and other groups.   I will be so out there so much soon that nobody will know where I am, including me!  BTW this is not me trying to find that 'special someone' because I am done looking.  This is just to meet people who like the stuff I do. 

* I am looking at my hair in photos realizing that it has been a year since I colored it.  If anyone was curious...that is my natural red and I love being a redhead.  (I think that is pretty clear but just to be safe!)

*That I realized I am going to be hitting it hard the next month.  I have a date with the Texas Rangers and I want to look my best which means, clean food and lot of working out!

That's what's ok with tell me what's ok with YOU!!!

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