Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Madness Blog Update: Nightclubs, Biking, Baby Mom's,

I can't really classify this as a Mobile Monday so I am calling it a madness because my Saturday night was a hot mess!

It started out awesome because I was having an awesome hair day! (I wish you could actually see my Facebook update but it says Admit it Ladies, when you have a good hair day a night in with the girls automatically becomes a night out with the girls! Can't waste a good hair day!) Trish, Janice and I went to Chuy's where I had a salad and started my Sunday early. I had a Texas Martini. Remember how I gave up alcohol for lent? Well, I forgot the rarely practiced by me custom of no lent on Sunday's and, reasoning that as a Catholic, Sunday's first mass is at 5pm Saturday, I was safe to have a drink. Yes, I stretched it but I gave up alcohol because I was worried I was drinking too often to numb feelings. If I were going to do that, I would have done it Thursday or Friday when I was still upset. By Saturday nothing was bothering me because I just don't care about stuff I can't control.

After dinner we went to meet Pam, a friend of Trish's, at this nightclub. This place is not Studio 21 but you really couldn't tell that based on the cloths, music, decor, or apparent hey-day of the main clientele. 1973 called and it wants it's nightclub back!

We will start at the beginning.

We walk up, pay a $5 cover and go in to a smoke filled-packed bar. Honestly I thought this place must be awesome until I scanned the crowed and realized most of these people actually remembered the Beatles first trip to the US. Not exactly the start I wanted for a fun Saturday. No kid likes hanging out with their parents friends. (Ok, Trish's teenage daughters actually do like hanging out with Rachel and me. Come on, for old ladies we are really fun and cool!)

By the time we made it to the stage area where Pam had a reserved table I had been touched by more strangers than I have been in the first 42 years of my life. I told Trish and Janice I was worried I was pregnant from this adventure I had become so personal with strangers!

The New Mom:
Next up was my conversation with new Mom of Ella or Bella. (I'm not sure which because she was a little...wasted!) She asked if we were having a girls night out then proceeded to tell me how it was her first time out since having her daughter and her friends got a hotel (Wow! They don't mess around on girls night.) The conversation then spiraled out of control. There was something about her hotel room and there not being a balcony. Bella/Ella's picture was shown around. Some friend of new-mom's started crying. Full out crying at the baby pictures. Not sure why. (I cried in a bar last year when some foolish man left me without saying goodbye but apparently that just made me cuter cause I walked out with a hot guy's number....I never really used because I was stupid but that's not news when it comes to men.) Some other friend started talking about how Ella/Bella was so cute and so much prettier than someone else's fat-ugly baby. They may have all been wasted. (Yes, yes they were!) However all the previously consumed alcohol didn't stop them from ordering 5 bottles of champagne. That's roughly a half a bottle per woman.

Let me just say now, that was actually the fun part of this club! I wasn't drinking. Honestly I was hardly moving because the number of people crammed in this place had to break about 85 fire codes.

The Band:
This was a bunch of guys who could have actually opened for the Beatles and I mean that in a 'they are in their 50-60's' and not 'they are awesome' kind of way. They played some 1970's style R&B plus El Debarge. Oh. My, God! Oddly my friends and I seem to be the only ones who would have physically killed for a DJ and Beyonce, Maroon 5, and Pink! Did I mention that I was actually one of the youngest people in this bar? Me! All 42 ancient years of me!

Did I mention that Chance quit texting me by this time and therefore all I had to do was take a smoke filled, dark "nightclub"? The crazy people watching stories could go on. There was the drunk woman who couldn't get her coat on by herself and had to be almost carried out. There was the middle aged white man with a baby-belly who was practicing some odd mating ritual dance of rubbing his baby-beer belly in the backs of whatever woman was standing in front of him at the time. There was the other drunk woman who walked up to my table and grabbed onto my coat and handbag sitting (right in front of me) on the table with a vice grip that I finally had to pry out of her hand. (It was going to get really ugly, I promise! You do not grab my handbag and keep your hands!) How could I forget old bald guy and old ponytail guy hitting on every woman and possibly some men? There was the guy who proposed marriage to Trish as she walked by. She's busy this year so she said no.

Ladies and Gentlemen this place should have been named OZ because all I could think is "There's no place like home." See the photo above where my eyes are closed and I look...crazy. That's the club! Later when I was home I took the 2am photo with me in the black tank. That's why I'm smiling! I made it home safe and my hair still looked good!

Sunday was migraine day because I was having issues however not so many that I couldn't do a little on-line shopping.

I do actually like to be ridden in the woods...I mean ride in the woods. My bike likes to be ridden in the woods. ;-)

A t-shirt that says this on it! How could I resist? It's A League of their Own on a bike!
Dear Cafe Press:
You had me at up to 85% off!

I ordered a 2nd shirt too but that one will have to be a surprise...mostly because I forgot which one it is!

So, I got the cutest text from my friend and former roomie Rachel. You remember she moved into her new apartment last weekend. Well, it seems the guy on the 2nd floor likes to bike so she thinks I should be spending time at her place because biker boy on floor 2 is pretty cute. I told her I will come over and help her unpack or whatever next weekend! Haha!

Honestly it was fun or at least interesting! Gotta love people watching. You also gotta love falling asleep in your bed and not caring that you are alone if being with someone means you have to travel the yellow brick road to Oz filled with all those lions and tigers and bears. Oh, MY!!!

So, what fun memories did you make this weekend?
Happy Monday!

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