Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Texas Rangers Tuesday plus We made Bicycle Magazine!

I don't have a lot to say. Saturday's  blog about Josh Hamilton pretty much said what I had to say about him but....I have seen several interviews from Ivan Rodriguez and one of the things that struck me was a comment he made about how great the fans of the Rangers are and how one of the smartest moves he made was getting his contract worked out in 1997 so he could stay a Ranger.
You see what struck me about these comments is how much Pudge loves the Ranger fans. Michael Young has shown the same character and respect for Ranger fans. Both of them are loved even though they played part of their careers with other clubs. Both of these players are and will always be two of the three most beloved players in Texas Rangers history. The third player? A pitcher named Ryan.
Players have a choice when they leave a club for whatever reason and most players take the high road when it comes to fans. Most players realize that the fans are ultimately the ones who pay them. Most players recognize that things like jersey sales and memorabilia are and will mean money for them today and in the future. Most players realize to alienate a segment of fans who were not only respectful to them but who embraced them is just stupid. It's too bad that great talent and blessings are not always given along with intelligence. Maybe God makes some people smart and other people incredibly talented so we are more equal. In the end, players like Pudge, Face and Nolan will remain loved well beyond their careers or time with the Rangers because of the mutual love and respect they showed the fans.

So this is kind if cool. Remember a couple weekends ago I went to Rowlett Creek preserve for a Wheel Women ride and picnic? Well, we made Bicycle Magazine's blog! I'm pretty excited about this. I mean here I am an middle-aged , pudgy woman trying desperately to learn a sport I love for the first time in my life and my picture (above) is in a bike magazine blog! The photos are amazing and it is very favorable to DFW's biking community which makes me super happy!
Ok, I have been under the weather so time to call this the blog. Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the ride!
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