Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome Back Baby!!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a blessed day no matter how you are celebrating. What a beautiful day we are having in North Texas.

Today is the most wonderful day of the year! It is Christmas morning for baseball fans! It is the day I have been awaiting since one sad Friday night last October. Today is the day baseball returns.

Today is the day the umpire shouts "Play Ball!" and 162 glorious games of baseball plus the excitement of possibilities, endless possibilities lay in front of us! Today everyone has a chance to go to the World Series. Today everyone is undefeated for the only time all year. Today hot dogs taste a little better, beer is a little colder, popcorn is a little fresher, and every grown up becomes an excited little kid again!

Preparing for Opening Week begins early for me. Basically as soon as I come across a sale on Rangers merchandise! Oh, and people give me gifts like jewelry to help a girl swag in style!

Swag is requires! Lots of swag! Now to be honest the tank I am wearing will not be worn to the ballpark without something over it. It is a little too revealing for me to be seen in public but it is perfect for cuddling on the couch and watching Opening night at home.

This is actually what it says on the front and the back had a Rangers T and PINK because, of course, it is from Victoria's Secret. I love this tank so much I may have two of them.

I actually went looking for Rangers cupcake designs last night. Last year for Opening Night I baked some pretty amazing cupcakes for my special friends and apparently some of the gang want an encore. Who am I to refuse my public? I won't be going this fancy. That's a little too much for my skills with frosting and I don't do fondant. I will whip up something special for 2013 next weekend and I have an idea for a super party at some point this season. I have to use all those tailgate recipes I pinned somehow, after all.

Alright kids, I am still feeling a little icky so I am going to take a nap and when I wake up it will be time to open presents....I mean Play Ball!

Go Rangers!

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