Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Time to link up with Amber and Neely

It's Ok:

* I can't wait for Lent to end Saturday!

* My last dose of antibiotics is tomorrow and that makes me so happy! They are tearing up my tummy and making me miserable which isn't the point. Plus they make me sleepy but I can't sleep.

*This week has been terrible. Work has been bad, I have been sick, my uncle is still not out of the woods, and I am missing my bike and my friends.

* I am really wanting to go to Blissdom. All the blogs I follow have been really positive and since I spend about 10 minutes a day reading Twitter (that ends Saturday too!) I haven't really seen anything negative. My only concern is that I tend to be shy unless I have a friend or two around. I become my normal, crazy self when that happens. I'm awkward at small talk but after 10 minutes we are BFF's and all is good.

* The moon is still confused by daylight savings time.

*I don't understand how I can say things over and over and send emails about things over and over and people look at me like I have never said that.

*This is what I am living for right now!

* 3 more sleeps! Rangers!

Ok, time to start the day! Have a great Thursday!  Enjoy the Ride!

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