Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last week my friend Rachel introduced me to Pinterest. This has quickly become an obsession for me. I love the idea of sharing things I find funny with friends and perfect strangers. I like being able to create boards that show my love of baseball and shoes and God all at one time. There are many sides to all of us. On Facebook I share a side with friends. On Twitter I share a side with mostly strangers. On neither do you get to see all sides of Laura in living color. (That maybe good).

I love the idea for this website. It captures my hopes and dreams in picture form. For example, on Pinterest you can go and see the wedding cake I want for my baseball themed wedding. Now, I don't know if I will ever get married or if I even want to and that really isn't the point. Every little girl over the age of 12 has planned at least one wedding. Mine just has a baseball playing bride and groom and a Rangers Ballpark grooms cake. Will this mythical husband who may not exist have other plans, maybe. Then again, I can't really imagine marrying a man who didn't love the important things in life: God, family and the Texas Rangers. The beauty of Pinterest is, none of that even matters. This is a dream board. My dreams. In my dreams, there are endless supplies of new handbags and shoes and funny sayings and when life throws you a curve ball, it is nice to have a place to go that reminds you of all the good stuff too.

Here are some of my favorite things on my boards:

My 'wedding' cakes:

My Puppy Loves:

My Favorite saying:

My Funniest Funnies:

Everything ends well when it begins and ends with baseball, My Rangers:


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Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Rachel said...

Great post! I love that you have started a blog! I'm glad you came to the dark side and joined Pinterest. :)

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