Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 3 Challenge: a photo taken over 10 years ago

This is me in 5th grade. Um, yep.

Not much to really say here. 5th grade was my last year of school in Indiana before we moved to Texas. At least I can see my natural hair color. Maybe I will take this to the hairdresser & she can try and match it. It is a little lighter red now. How rockin' is that fuchsia & turquoise top I am sporting? The early 80's had some sad fashion. I guess I don't look that different now but my taste in clothing & definitely shoes is much better. Obviously, I am super old now. :)
Happy Sunday, everyone. Hope everyone has a chance to spend some time with someone they love today, even of it is the dog. There is plenty of time before the football game so enjoy the day. (BTW, don't knock spending time with the dog. If I could find a man who loves me half as much as my dogs, I might have a chance)

PS: Moderation at those Superbowl parties please. Everyone make it home safe. :)

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1 comment:

Rachel said...

Adorable! As far as the Super Bowl goes, I'm just not feeling it this year, still not sure if I'll even watch it. :/

Hope you are feeling good!!


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