Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 15 Challenge! What I dislike about me..really? I'm not perfect? What!

Today's the halfway mark in this challenge! Everyone say it with me...woohoo! The even better news is, with Rangers season fixin' to start tomorrow (yes, I said fixin' to, and?) plus I will be going back to work soon so my poor Twitter followers will get a much needed break from me driving them crazy, I'm sure.
Tuesday's challenge is what I dislike about myself. OMG, really? This list is LONG! We can start with my feet. Hate them! Actually, I am not fond of anyone's feet. For the record, I do the best I can with what God gave me. They are well kept feet just difficult to fit in shoes and keep in them. Yes, despite the fact that I have a lot of shoes. I really do have a hard time finding shoes that fit.

Okay, so that brings us to something bigger. No, I am not going to pick myself apart body part by body part because honestly, it isn't healthy and besides, my body parts change and improve daily, so take that negativity!

It took me too many years of self help books and Friday night Blue Bell binges (I may love ice cream too much, which is why I never buy it) to write a blog about all my faults. My biggest fault is that I am incredibly hard on myself. The imperfections I readily accept in others are things I can't accept in myself. Truthfully, from what I remember there was only one perfect person to ever walk the earth. (This may come as a shock to a Twitter friend of mine. Haha! ;)- Yes, I mean you!) I am pretty sure I am never going to come close to perfection. It is way too easy to give in to negative self talk. Sometimes, when I workout at home I pretend my negative inner self is sitting on the couch trying to talk smack, of course. Oddly I see this voice as a male. Is that weird? I have beat that inner voice to kingdom come kick boxing. Those are my favorite workouts. When I can beat the living bejesus out of my negativity.

Time for me to hit it. I have to get my spare bedroom cleaned out. I am turning it into a sports bedroom...for my nephew & nieces. You buy that, right? I'm also in the middle of a self debate on what to give up for Lent. Right now the candidates are Diet Coke and Twitter. These are serious sacrifices either way because I may possibly die without at least one of these.

Smile, my sweets, we are one day closer to the weekend and even better, one day closer to Opening Day. Pitchers & Catchers report tomorrow & Yu Darvish has arrived at Spring Training, along with Mike Napoli, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, I think Ian Kinsler is there already...and more...oh, BABY! My Rangers are BACK!

Oh, and to my Twitter friend, you made the blog! (Kinda). Never doubt you really are as awesome as you play! ;-)

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Micah said...

I'm with you on feet. No one has pretty feet. No one.

b_pate said...

I have pretty feet. Ok, maybe not.

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