Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Challenge 21: What I would regret if I die tomorrow

These are such happy blog challenges! No not game 6. Actually, maybe that too. :( This one is easy. I would regret not having a baby. I don't care if I have a child naturally or adopt but I have always wanted to be a mother. I'm not sure it will ever happen but if it didn't, I would definitely regret the lost chance. Yes, I have names picked out. They have changed over the years and may or may not be negotiable if a father ever shows up. My little girls name is Kayleigh. The name has the same meaning as Laura which I thought was cool but already having 4 nieces and a nephew with L names plus my own makes any more L names super unlikely. If I had a boy I would love to have James in his name. That was my dad's name and if I use it as a first name I would probably call him Jamie. Of course, if a dad ever did show up, I realize he may have dibs on his son's name. Guys are like that for some reason. I always thought since I am the one that has to carry the baby for almost 10 months, I should get right of first refusal on the name as compensation. So far, that thought hasn't gone over well with men I know. :)

I do love my puppies however and they are like my 4 legged kids.
Ries is my long haired dachshund. Ries is short for Riesling which was the only German word I could think of that wasn't Dirk Nowitzki. Her name was supposed to be BEVO but if you look at that face you can clearly see their is nothing BEVO like about her. \m/

Sadie is my pound puppy. She is the happiest dog on the planet earth. I actually couldn't believe someone had surrendered a wire hair dachshund to a kill shelter. I picked her up the day she became available. She is Ries' dog. Neither one of them know that. Ries is a typical long haired dachsie and she gets anxious when I am gone. She loves other people but she only trusts me. Sadie trusts everyone so it makes it much easier to have her '

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