Friday, February 24, 2012

Challenge 18: Who I admire most. Plus Friday's Diet update.

Without a doubt the person I admire most is my Mom. I have often said that God took my father when I was so young but He knew it would be okay because He had given me such an amazing mother. My mom was 25 years old with a 2 year old and a newborn when she found out her husband had non-Hodkins lymphoma. It is a cancer that was a death sentence to 80% of the suffers. (I am happy to say that today that isn't the case, it is survived by about 80% of people today because of early detection). Two and a half years later my 27 year old mother became a widow. Honestly, I probably would have had a breakdown. I can't even imagine living through that loss. Mom will tell you it was her kids that kept her sane. Five years after my Dad passed away my Mom decided to move to Texas. She was a single mother with a ten & eight year old and she knew absolutely nobody in Dallas. She moved because she felt it was the only option for all of us to move on. She is a truly amazing woman. She loves her family and is a great mom. She drives me crazy sometimes but honestly, I am pretty sure everyone's mom drives them crazy sometimes.

Argh! This week has been annoying. I have been sore since Monday so my workouts have been hard. I made some diet changes including adding a green smoothie into my diet and I am expecting to see some health benefits. Honestly, I don't get anywhere near the veggies & fruits I should so I am hoping this helps. I am struggling. I am constantly hungry late at night, the worst time to eat. Part of this is because my schedule is off. Being home, I actually forget to eat or I am out running around and I won't eat fast food so I miss lunch or don't eat it until 2:30 and you know this means I don't get hungry for dinner until about 8:30. Insanity! So, I am going to concentrate on getting in regular healthy meals on time. I go back to work at the end of next week so that will at least get me back on schedule. All of that to say, I lost only 2 pounds this week. I do realize that is not a bad result. I just have gotten used to the 5 pound weeks and was hoping for a few more of those! Yes, I realize that isn't realistic. I also realize my body is still adjusting and will be for a couple more weeks to all the changes from the Myomectomy. That is okay because there is a light at the end of this tunnel. In 2 more weeks I can return to kick boxing, kettle bells, and Zumba class and start on Ab work again. I tried to do some Ab work at home and I have done a Zumba DVD but neither was all that successful and I shouldn't have attempted either yet. I don't do waiting well, if you haven't figured this out.
Total weight lost 58.

So, here are a couple of photos of my new sofa & the final product once I finished refinishing the $8.00 coffee table. The 2 throw pillows on the sofa are old & won't be staying but I can't say how proud I am of my new living room & how thrifty I was! I may never buy retail again. As you can see, Sadie & Ries love their new sofa.
Finally, I owe my neighbor Sharon for not only telling me to go look at CCA but also doing my bargaining, driving the get away truck, helping to move the sofa, and lastly getting Tony and Chris to actually move the sofa into the house. Thanks to Tony & Chris for their muscle! One piece of advice to anyone looking at furniture. Measure! This sofa almost didn't make it into my living room. It was a tight fit getting it through my entryway.

Smile everyone, you made it!

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