Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 18 Challenge: My (baseball) goals plus Stars pictures!

I am not going to make this one too deep. My personal goal is to see all the major league ballparks before I die. So far I have seen a few that no longer exist and a few that do. Obviously, I spend a lot of time at this place.

I have also been to this place a couple times!

And these ballparks that are no more:

I spent a lot of time in that old ballpark growing up. Here is the view I remember. A ton of bad baseball was played at this ballpark but there are even more great memories!

This was a terrible baseball park!

This one wasn't as bad but the new one looks amazing, on TV!

I have also been to this place in the off season. Haven't seen a game there. If I do, it will be a Cubs game and clearly I will be pulling for the visitors!

That image brings me nightmares & I apologize to all of my Rangers friends but this is an honest blog!

Remember guys:

Here are some pictures from Friday.
I went shopping with my friends Rachel, Monica, and Julie and we came across this shirt:

We didn't buy it thankfully because we later found it at the Rangers Pro-shop where we can actually use our discount! (I may or may not have purchased another Rangers shirt. Don't judge me. All my old ones are too big!)

Later we went back to Monica's. Here is Rachel trying to protect herself from Kappy, Monica's hair loving bird.

Here is the Rangers Pro-shop. True story, that place next to Josh Hamilton where the Ballpark now sits used to be CJ Wilson. Before CJ it was Tom Hicks. I am glad they replaced it with a Ballpark image because clearly the spot is people cursed.

This is Monica (wearing the Rangers shirt) Rachel, Lenetha, and Julie at the Stars game!

Here are more Stars pictures:

(I have crazy eyes in all of these because I am taking the silly pictures!)

We started out here:

and ended up here:

And naturally, the Stars win because we brought them lots of good luck and GOALS!!!!

Kari was awesome last night, by the way! Got to meet up with my favorite Stars friend from Twitter last night. Jerry, it was awesome. So glad you were not disappointed! Next time, bring Mrs. Jerry over too. Can't wait to meet the lady who you talk so glowingly about! We will see you at the Ballpark soon, friend!

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Rachel said...

Fear the bird! You gotta do what you gotta do to keep Kappy off the head. :)

Love the pics. I bet our blogs this summer will have lots of the same pictures!!


DoxieDoodle said...

Haha, I was way more scared of that bird than she was of me!
Having the same pictures will just show the world how awesome we are! ;)

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