Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 7 Challenge plus weight loss update

The challenge today is my worst habit. I am sure my worst habit is procrastination. I spent four years talking about redoing my floors in my house before I actually did them. They turned out great although I must say, the next house I buy will not have carpet. If you have never experienced the joy of carpet removal, count yourself luck! Dirty, nasty, and disgusting are the only words to use to discribe this mess. I.have included a picture of the floors as I was installing them. The walls and all the trim were painted before installation of the new floors.

This probably should be a seperate blog but oh, well. Those of you who know me know that I had surgery 2 weeks ago and I have spent some time on Facebook and maybe Twitter lamenting the fact that all I could do for workouts was walk.  An aside here, not to pat myself on the back too much but I was out walking 4 days post-op. My doctor was amazed. So I spent the last 2 weeks making sure I didn't eat more than 1300 calories and trying to convince myself the reason my one of only 2 pairs of jeans I have that actually fit is that I have to wear this dumb waist girdle thing to support the abdominal surgery recovery. So today when I weighed myself I had lost another 3 pounds this week. Now, that isn't going to set the Biggest Loser on fire but it sure makes me happy.  Bonus points here because that 3 pounds puts me over the 50 pounds lost mark since September. For those who don't know, I ran a half marathon in 2010 (See my medal attached) and in training and running, I messed up my back. After it was over, I stopped working out and it took me forever to get past my procrastination (see how I worked that in there) to start taking care of myself again and put me first.  I will admit I didn't care for a long time. That's the past, can't change it. Just move forward and make the present count. That's what I remind myself...every single day!

Happy Friday everyone! You made it!


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Rachel said...

I love the floors! I can't believe you did it all by yourself, I would have hired someone!!


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