Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 8 Challenge plus picture from my weekend Monday's blog

What's in my purse? Nothing special. A wallet, a card holder for all of those stupid store discount cards, a hairbrush, powder, lip gloss. Sometimes my iPad & always my HTC Inspire if I am out plus a backup charger because that phone dies faster than a snowman in Texas in August. That's it. Nothing exciting. Sorry.

So I thought I would include some photos from this weekend. Friday I went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow with my friend Rachel. This photo is courtesy of her:

How cute are we?

Here is Mercy Me. Sorry it isn't a better picture but it was an odd angle. They were awesome and really the night was just great!

Reminded me to let God take my problems and for me to stop worrying about the things out of my control. Sometimes I need a kick in the butt to remember this!

This weekend I caved and watched this movie:

Now, before anyone says anything let me say this, my neighbor rented it so I didn't pay for it but....I love this movie. I love the clearly Anti-Yankee tone and the educated baseball talk. I want this movie and will probably end up buying it. Best quote (ever ?) "How can you not be romantic about baseball?" Oh, how true that quote is. It summed up my whole existence in 8 words. Well, maybe not my whole existence but you get my point! The only way this movie is better is if the next baseball movie made is about the Texas Rangers. That would be genius! Get it done JD.

Speaking of my sweet neighbor, Sharon, aside from the movie she brought me this guy:

I named him Hambone after Josh Hamilton, of course. How cute is he? I adore him and he kept me calm Saturday night during the Mavs game. One overtime after another was stress! He never complained once that I was squeezing too hard. ;)

I also received my Opening Day shirt in the mail. Here it is if you forgot or missed my earlier blog.

Now, here is what I can't decide. I need an Opening Night shirt. What shirt to pick? Anyone who wants to vote on this, please feel free to let me know your choice. Here are the contenders:

Love the retro logo! That's the Rangers of my childhood and even though they were mostly awful, I still loved them!

This one is so cute but will most likely be worn with another shirt. That is just a bit too low cut for baseball. Well, it is for me. (I am a nice girl...mostly)

Probably the same issue here. Love it and even if a undershirt is needed, a little red or white cami would be too cute!

Wish there was a little Ranger Red in this shirt but I would certainly take any job the club wanted to offer, including Talent Scout. :)

Simple and cute and the neckline on this one is better. ;)

Aside from that I spent a lot of time reading, being mostly lazy (did get a couple of light workouts in) & catching up on shows I had on DVR.

Loving Nikita! Okay, I wasn't sure when they remade this show because I loved the Peta Wilson version from the 90's but this one is different enough and still fun to watch and as always, Michael is hot.

Well, so is Nikita but that is a given. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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