Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Challenge 16 What People Notice

Does it seem to anyone else like all I talk about in these challenges is me, me, me? This is a 'Getting to know Laura' challenge because at the end of 30 days you all will know things my Mom doesn't. Please don't tell her. Thanks! ;)

Physically what people notice is one of two things, my hair or my eyes. (Forgive he curly hair but I wasn't in the mood to straighten it today.) I am just grateful if it isn't my nose! My God-daughter once told me that her dog always barks at me because he thinks my hair is on fire. She reminded me of this when she saw my hair was back to it's natural color. My hair by the way, will be staying red. Sorry to all the blonde fans. It's National Ginger Awareness Day today, by the way so love a redhead. Remember, a little feisty goes a long way! :-0

My eyes are hazel but the green and light brown colors blend to look kind of like dark honey. I had a doctor once say they look the same color as my hair. The red hair not blonde or brown. (Yes, I went brown once too.) Truthfully, I am forever trying to get the green to show up because I would love to have red hair and green eyes.

What people notice most about my personality is that I am totally obsessed with sports. (Did anyone miss this?) Football, basketball, even hockey are all fun and I love watching my teams including the World Champion Dallas Mavericks (#BeatTheLakers) but by now you know my true love, my heart belongs to the back to back American League Champion Texas Rangers. I attend over 25 games a season, most in the blast furnace of Texas heat, not including post-season. As a longtime Rangers fan the fact that I can type the words, not including post-season brings a smile to my face. I love my team. I can't wait for baseball season to start again. Oh, wait just a minute. Hold everything. Pitchers and Catchers reported TODAY! It's baseball time in Texas! Happy Dance!

Today is Ash Wednesday and if I do it right, I will be at church at some point this afternoon to get my sacramental. I have debated a lot over what to do for Lent. Everyone always thinks it is about giving things up but you can take things on as well. So, I thought I would share what I have decided. For Lent I am going to spend more time each day in prayer and actually reading God's word. As a result I would expect a drop off on my use of social media, especially once I return to work. This is a good thing. I spend way too much time on Twitter. I love my Tweeps but it is time to experience life away from my phone and iPad. I didn't get a cell phone until I was 30 and now I can't seem to live without it. That would be logical if I was actually using it to speak to people. I rarely call anyone. I do use Facebook & text but mostly, I tweet. Way. Too. Much. It is time for me to break up with my phone and concentrate on other things for a time.

Remember today, we all have blessings, look for yours & Go Rangers!
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Micah said...

I have red hair and green eyes. :) I wish I could say it's a winning combination, but I have no proof just yet.

DoxieDoodle said...

Ha! That is awesome. Your eyes are amazing! I have thought about green contacts but my vision is fine so it would be just for looks and that seems.....vain. Although that isn't news. :)

Rachel said...

You like sports? You're on Twitter? I didn't know... ;) Muahaha!

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