Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Challenge break for a day! Let's talk food!

Taking a break from the challenge to share some recipes I found that look amazing. Let me just say that while I love to cook, I am always dieting (this will surely be a future blog) so rarely do I cook anything for myself as sinful as the pictures I am going to be showing you. I need someone or multiple someones to cook for so I can make these yummy things. Hmm, maybe almost time to have a party!

Don't be shocked there are no veggies included. I eat veggies & lean proteins all the time but this isn't a blog about diet food. This is almost all junk!

Pizza Dip: yes, dip! Oh this will be made!

Fried pickles: I know, I thought this was crazy the first time. Admit it, anything fried & dipped in ranch is just yummy!

Carmelized Onion Chicken Wings: if you don't love wings & you aren't a vegan, well you must not love sports either & what is wrong with you?

Rolo Chocolate Chip Cookies: OMG! I may try making these for the kids.

Dr. Pepper Brisket Tacos: (I am so making these)

Chicken Tacos: Tex-Mex is my weakness!

Pot Roast: Sunday dinner at my place. I love onions!!!

Breakfast Pizza: I would probably make this with cheddar instead.

Dr. Pepper cupcakes: this will be made for all my Pepper-head friends. You all are like a Texas Cult!

Andes Mint Cupcakes: I saw these and gained 5lbs looking at them!

Garlic Lime Chicken: this I am going to make soon. It is healthy but looks so good!

Pasta Pie: I love pasta! I eat my sauce on spaghetti squash now because it is healthier but every blue moon the real thing is so good!

Peanut Butter Cupcakes: your chocolate is in my peanut butter and it's lovely!

There are many other recipes I want to make but this gives you an idea. I guess I need to start cooking soon. Which recipe to start with and who my tasting victims will be still to come!

All recipe photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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