Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 11 Challenge Tattoos

Okay, honestly Day 11 was supposed to be a blog on who I can't live without but that is such a silly blog idea I am shelving that one. The answer is that I can't live without God. I can live without anyone and everyone else, I may not want to, probably wouldn't do so well if I had to live without certain people, but can I live? Sure.
So I decided to move forward with the tattoo blog which wasn't coming up until the end of the month, mostly because I wanted to expand it & to take it to Twitter and find out what guys really think about girls with tattoos.
To answer the easy question first, yes, I have a tattoo. No the Rangers tattoo isn't mine. The story behind my tattoo probably starts like many....I was drunk. (Come on, you figured that, right?) I was with some male college friends. (I mean friends because unlike some people, I believe you can have guy friends.) The guys had tattoos and they wanted to get another so we went down to some tattoo parlor in Deep Ellum. (And, you KNEW that was coming too, right?) I did my best 'sober' act and I got my little tattoo which is near my left ankle.

I would love to tell you there is some deep significance to this rose. Not really. I was drunk & it was pretty. No, it didn't hurt. I am blessed with an amazing physical pain tolerance. (Thank you, God for that one.) Really, it felt like tiny little pinches. That's it. It is totally against my general 'good-girl' persona to do this, which probably made it more fun.
A better question would be, would I do it again. The answer is, yes. I would actually like to try and change this tattoo into an ankle bracelet. Something like this but going around the ankle.

The other question I had to ask myself is, are any tattoos completely off limits? I would never get a tattoo that isn't pretty. I'm a sporty woman but I am still a woman. I would never get a tattoo with a guy's name. Not even if I was married. If I love you, you will know and I will spoil you rotten but I am not putting your name on my body. My kids names, yes if done right. My baseball team, maybe. I love that calf tattoo at the top. I would never do a tattoo that large and I have no desire to have a bunch of tattoos. Any tattoo I did get would have to be easily hidden by pants, socks, or clothing. The other no go for me, is a tattoo on the small of the back. No, it has nothing to do with the response below. Yes, I think they are very sexy, but for personal reasons, I don't care to share, that would never happen. No, I don't have to tell all...I already tell you too much!

So, back to my Tweeps. The response was overwhelming from those who answered. I had a couple of girls say they either had one or were planning on getting one. You go ladies! The guys almost all found tattoos on women sexy given the tattoo was feminine and in the right places (where the tattoo is apparently is a huge consideration for guys). Generally the opinions seemed to all be in support of Ankle, Back, and Shoulder tattoos. All of my male Tweeps that were pro-tattoo were very vocal on this subject and had a wide variety of very funny opinions. So did my lone hold out on the no tattoo side.
What follows are the responses I received. I have to say, my Guy Tweeps not only rock but are very funny and opinionated gentlemen. They are also awesome to talk sports with. :)
I am not going to put names to the quotes here but I will give all my Tweeps props at the end, these are the real responses:
"girls with small back tats = awesome = sluts."
"you can tell a lot about a woman by checking out her feet and the types of tats or piercings she has".
"depends on what and where"
"yes, tattoos"
"tattoos can be cute on a girl as long as she isn't covered with them"
"well, some can be tacky, some can be sexy."
"small girlie tattoos are good! As long as they look good/in the right place"
"Yes to girls with girlie tattoos."
"so long as it's not an arm tattoo."
And my lone no which by far was the funniest response:
"Tattoos are sort of like a commitment, I'm not too good with commitments LOL!"

So, all funniness aside, if you want a tattoo I hope you find an awesome one! If you don't I respect that too. I have to admit in church, I used to feel a little odd about my tattoo. I don't believe it labels me in any significant way but I know some people do. That really isn't my problem. I like my little rose. It reminds me I have a little bit of a daring side that I keep under wraps far too much.

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My never ending thanks to Chance, Brandon, Brandon, Matthew, Shawn, Matthew, Gerrard, Terry & Jerry for your help and awesome responses!


Rachel said...

If I wasn't such a big wimp about pain, I would possibly get a small tattoo, but alas, I could barely get my ears pierced without freaking out!! EEK!

Tonya said...

I'm getting one! I will have to send you a picture.

DoxieDoodle said...

Please do send a picture. I would love to see it. I am looking forward to it!

monica said...

I have a tatoo if a dragon.
I was born on the year of the dragon

DoxieDoodle said...

So you are the girl with a dragon tattoo? I haven't seen the movie but people fear you!

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