Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 4 Challenge: Something I am OCD about

I wish I could say I am an obsessive cleaner. I have moments where I am totally inspired and clean like Jesus is coming to dinner, but I am not obsessive. I wish I could say I am obsessive about working out. I do it because I have to in order to feel healthy and because working out keeps me honest on my diet. I will admit that not being able to work out has been the worst part of recovering from this surgery. I am making the best of walking 3 times a day but I am so ready to pick up a kettle bell or get a kickboxing or Zumba class in, but obsessive? Not even close. I would love to tell you I have the neatest front yard on the block. Truth is when I first bought my house I weeded daily, planted new flowers seasonally and edged every week. Now, I am good with once a year flowers and weed when there is nothing better to do. That means rarely.
So, what am I OCD about? Two things, light switches and my DVD's. Yep, you are reading that right.

The light switch above would make me insane. I go around the house and make sure all the switches are going in the correct direction when turned off. I know, this sounds crazy but hey, what are YOU OCD about?

The DVD obsession is slightly less difficult to understand. On the bookshelf where I keep my movies they are groups together by type of movie type and stars. This makes it easy if I am in a 'blow up the world' mood to go to the action adventure movies and pick one. Okay, yes it is crazy but not that crazy, right?

I may also be really obsessive about baseball but compulsive? Probably not. I do have lucky Rangers shirts & earrings that I switch around every season. If my red Rangers shirt is a winner that is the shirt I wear, until it loses. I usually buy at least one new shirt before the season for Opening Day. The shirt above is the one I think I am buying this year. I have 3 pairs of Rangers earrings (2 pairs pictured below) and those may rotate the same way. That isn't really OCD, is it? I think of that more as superstitious. ;)
Gosh, I feel a little crazy just reading this! I promise it isn't THAT bad! :-)

Because it is Monday, I will end with some funnies! Happy Monday everyone!

This is one of my favorite shows ever so enjoy!

And this is just too cute!

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Rachel said...

I'm the same way with my baseball shirts and earrings. If I wear them and the Rangers lose, I don't want to wear them again!

I have those red and blue earrings. I also have snowmen earrings and the body of the snowmen are baseballs that says Rangers. :) And I have heart earrings with Rangers baseball in the middle. :)



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