Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 6 Challenge: a Song That Makes Me Cry and why?

Well, if yesterday's challenge was my favorite, today's is my least favorite. It generally doesn't take much to make me cry. I'm a crier. I wear my heart on my sleeve & because of that, I cry when I am really happy or sad. I cry at commercials with puppies and at sappy movies. I cry at the end of "Rudy" every single time. The Texas Rangers have caused me to cry both happy and sad tears.
There just aren't a lot of songs that make me cry. Sure if I am lonely "Someone to Watch Over Me" may get to me, but that isn't normally the case. On July 4th you can be sure "Proud to be an American" will get me misty, but on an average day, nothing but patriotism. There are probably 20 Christian songs that may get to me if I am in a reflective mood but normally they just bring me a little closer to God for a moment.
The only song that always makes me cry is "The Christmas Shoes" by NewSong. I cry because I lived that story at 5 years old when I lost my father. I would love to write something brilliant and inspiring right now but the truth is, I tried to write this blog several times in the last 24 hours and I just end up crying. The song is simply too real for me. In fact, I can't listen to it, watch the movie it inspired or the sequel. I know this song is supposed to teach a lesson about opening your heart and the spirit of giving and appreciation but what this song does is take me back to the first Christmas without my father. If you look at the photos from that Christmas you can tell something is wrong. We just don't look happy. Some people would think it was because we were all wearing silly red footy pajamas but there is more behind it than ugly sleepwear.
I apologize for this blog. I wish "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith was the song that made me cry, that would be an great story, I'm sure.
Time for some of this now!

And just a little fan note yesterday I got my Rangers toaster in the mail. Here is a reminder of what it looks like:

How cool is that? I also ordered my Opening Day shirt:

Oh, and I got my hair done so you all get a new and improved me! I know, I know, "gentleman prefer blondes" but Laura prefers to be red. It fits my personality and see, I am actually smiling!

Happy Hump Day!
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Rachel said...

I love the picture- you look great! #hotmamma

There are a few songs that make me cry. I refuse to listen to The Christmas Shoes. Or Playing Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. Nope, not happening, I'll start crying before the chorus starts!

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